Infinity Inc.: The Bogeyman

First, Infinity Inc. must find a deranged killer on the loose in Metropolis -- but is the killer another product of Luthor's demented Everyman Project?

Then, Steel springs an unwelcome surprise on the team in the form of an unwanted new member and uniforms! But it's one thing to dress like a team, and another to act like one. Before they even have time to break in their new spandex, the kids catch word of a monster in the Pacific Northwest.

Издательство DC
Тип товара Комикс
Художник/Иллюстратор Пит Вудс
Количество страниц 128
Тип переплёта Мягкая обложка
Автор/Сценарист Питер Миллиган
Язык Английский
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