The Last Days of Animal Man

Is Buddy Baker (a.k.a. Animal Man) losing it all? The everyman hero has fought hard for our world, and for his family. But by the year 2024, the Earth has seen better days: The heroes are growing tired, the villains have grown nastier and Buddy's own hometown of San Diego has struggled for years to recover from a cataclysmic typhoon. His children have grown and his marriage has gotten colder... and now, as San Diego faces the most vicious Super-Villain it's seen in years, Animal Man's powers are starting to fail him! Without his abilities, without his family - who is Buddy Baker? Can he still be a husband? Can he still be a father? Can he still be Animal Man? And more importantly, can he even survive the bloodthirsty plan his arch-rival's progeny has in store for him? 

Find out in this collection of the 6-issue miniseries from comics legend Gerry Conway (THE FURY OF FIRESTORM, Amazing Spider-Man, "Law and Order") makes his return to DC with this can't-miss miniseries!

Издательство DC
Тип товара Комикс
Количество страниц 144
Тип переплёта Мягкая обложка
Автор/Сценарист Джерри Конуэй
Язык Английский
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